Presenting the POW! WOW! Worldwide anniversary book

Since its founding in Hong Kong in 2009, the POW! WOW! mural festival has grown into a global leader of the street art movement. Thousands of internationally renowned contemporary, street, and graffiti artists have contributed, creating large scale works of public art throughout the United States, Japan, Korea, Rotterdam, Israel, Guam and Taiwan.

POW! WOW! WORLDWIDE! 10 Years of International Street Art – Volume One

The tenth edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii is currently going on. A beautiful hardcover book commemorating all 50 editions of the festival up until now, will be available there as of this Saturday, February 15th. At 441 Cooke Street in Honolulu from 6pm to 8pm, POW! WOW! WORLDWIDE! 10 Years of International Street Art – Volume One is officially launched with a book signing, for which several of the artists will be present.

If you can’t be present, don’t worry. The book will be available at book stores in April this year, and is up for preorders through Paragon Books and many fine book stores right now.

OG Slick, 123Klan & Flying Fortress, as featured in the book

Artists featured in the book: 123Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Andrew Hem, Andrew Schoultz, Arlin, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Monroe, Case Maclaim, Cinta Vidal, Cryptik, D*Face, Drew Merritt, Dulk, Edwin Ushiro, Esao Andrews, Felipe Pantone, Flying Fortress, Hitotzuki, How and Nosm, INSA, James Bullough, James Jean, Jeff Soto, Jet Martinez, Kevin Lyons, Lauren YS, Leon Keer, Madsteez, Naturel, Nychos, Oneq, Persue, PichiAvo, Reka, Richt, Ricky Watts, Rone, Shepard Fairey, Slick, Stom500, Super A, Tatiana Suarez, The London Police, Tran Nguyen, Trav MSK, Tristan Eaton, Will Barras, and Yoskay Yamamoto.

The new Montana lookbook featuring POW! WOW! Rotterdam is available right now!

The Montana lookbook for 2020 is out, and it is once again a sight to behold. It features work by TCI crew, OSMAN, VOYDER45RPM, and PREF, LOW BROSSOBEKCIS, HOW & NOSM, Amber Vittoria and DMOTE, along with a report on a certain Rotterdam event at the Afrikaanderplein in 2019.

You can check out the magazine and its many great photos and artwork digitally below, or pick up a free(!) print copy from selected stores.

For more info, check out the Montana Cans blog.

Telmo Miel and Smug’s collaboration is chosen by Widewalls as one of the best murals of 2019

We already have a lot to fondly look back on and be thankful for as 2019 nears its end. But it just got al little bit better, since Widewalls chose the collaborative piece Telmo Miel and Smug created at our festival as one of The Most Beautiful Murals of 2019!

“While Telmo Miel combines spray painting styles with classic Realism, Abstraction and Surrealism, SMUG is best known for remarkable photorealistic murals. These artists joined forces for the POW!WOW! in Rotterdam, a renown street art festival that also takes place in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. The result is an explosive and diverse wall piece.”

Thanks Widewalls, and congratulations to Telmo Miel, Smug, and all other included artists. Happy holidays everybody, have a great 2020!