Second edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam celebrated successfully in the Afrikaanderwijk

The international street art festival POW! WOW! had its second Rotterdam edition on Sunday September 15. With a street art program of international renown, vibrant live music performances, a breakdance program featuring the worldwide elite, and visitors from all over The Netherlands and far beyond, who wanted to celebrate all this with the people of the Afrikaanderwijk, it was an overwhelming succes.

Photo by Willem van Breugel

More than 10.000 visitors went to the Afrikaanderpark and the surrounding Afrikaanderwijk. During the POW! WOW! week prior to festival day, thousands of street art appreciators already visited the neighborhood to wander among its murals being realized.

Photo by Droning Nomad

Festival director Dave Vanderheijden: “I proudly look back at this sophomore edition of POW! WOW! Rotterdam. It was beautiful to see the diversity of its audience and witness the way in which art, music and dance can connect people with each other. That’s exactly what POW! WOW! is all about.”

Photo by Martine Kiers

Twelve murals and a ship where painted, which will be there for much longer to enjoy. Aside from that, Calfornian artist Spenser Little and London’s Slinkachu went around the Afrikaanderwijk to leave surprising art installations. In turn, residents treated the artists to freshly brewed coffee and a cavalcade of compliments.

The festival went off without incident and was received with much acclaim by its visitors. On Sunday, September 13, 2020, POW! WOW! returns to Rotterdam. See you nest year!

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POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2019 is shaping up to be an event not be missed. If you want a sneak preview of what’s up, the best way is to take stroll through the Afrikaanderwijk. If you’re not in the area though, and do want to keep up with all our preparations and everything that’s going with the festival, the quickest way to keep up with all developments is by subscribing to our Instagram page. It’s updated live throughout the day!

Oh, and did we mention already there’s an interactive map of the neighborhood on our profile page right now? Have a look right now, and make sure to visit us on Sunday September 15!

Stroll along the water and see SMOK at work!

If you’re coming from the center of Rotterdam, the quickest way to POW! WOW! Rotterdam is taking metro line D or E to Rijnhaven station. If you step out one stop earlier at Wilhelminaplein though, you’ll come up right at the corner of the first painting of the festival, made by Belgium’s own SMOK!

Photos by Martine Kiers

And it’s a special treat too, ’cause this artist isn’t painting a mural, but the entire side of a boat! The Sterre Marlijn is coming alive with his portrait of a marlin, and SMOK himself is developing some serious sea legs. Catch him at work by walking towards the water, and see this vessel change into a floating work of art before your eyes.

Afterwards, you can either head back into the subway system, or take a walk along the water straight to Rijnhaven. But don’t forget to tell SMOK we said ‘Hi!’