FAKE is unfortunately forced to stay at home during POW! WOW! Rotterdam

With all the murals and vehicle art being created this week, there is plenty of beauty to see in the Afrikaanderwijk. But we would also release two intervention artists to do their thing in the neighborhood. In the meantime one -Dazetwo- is busy creating his characteristic ravens and crows all over the neighborhood, but you haven’t seen anything of the other one yet. That may be true, because FAKE has let us know that he’s not coming to POW! WOW! Rotterdam.

With good reason. His health simply doesn’t allow it at the moment. Don’t worry, FAKE doesn’t suffer from the corona virus, but he ensured us that he’s not able to travel to Rotterdam at the moment.

We wish him all the best from the Afrikaanderwijk and we’ll meet the future!

The latest version of our 2020 map!

With the disappearance of Ox Alien from the line-up, the map has also been updated. Check the latest version here, so you can go out well prepared. Have fun on your way in the Afrikaanderwijk! The map is also available in physical form for free; feel free to come pick up your passport at Martinus Steijnstraat 12!

Also, the street art route is available in the official Rewriters app. Download for iOS and Android right here!

Explore the feeling of making street art yourself!

Do you and your friends, family or colleagues want to take the first steps in creating street art? It is possible during POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2020! In the park between Paul Krugerstraat and Riebeekstraat, artist OXENMYSTIC has made a real big ground painting; a large piece on which everyone can collaborate!

From Sunday 6 September until Sunday 13 September, all visitors and local residents are welcome to come and experience what it’s like to work on street art on a large scale. It will be fun for all ages, so come and enjoy chalk the 2.0 way!

The entrance to the park is at Paul Krugerstraat, near the huge Pinocchio mural that Super A made last year during POW! WOW! Rotterdam. Due to the measures surrounding the corona virus, we can only admit a limited number of people, so you may have to wait a while before it’s your turn.

Enjoy and show the artist hiding inside you!

Photo’s: Martine Kiers