It’s a wrap – Rotterdam you were awesome!

Photo: Annie Tram

The first edition on POW! WOW! Rotterdam was a huge succes! During the weekend of September 15 and 16, the M4H area was in the hold of the best (inter)national street artists. The work of more than 70 artists could be admired through murals, canvasses, installations and vans. Aside from the art, a fantastic and diverse festival audience also enjoyed the sports contests and musical acts at out main stage. The party was set ablaze with performances by acts like Sevn Alias, Fresku & Mocromaniac, Pietju Bell and blackwave.

Photo: Willem Breugel

Guided bike and walking tours that you could join lead to all the beautiful, freshly painted murals in the area, but there was much more. Sports enthusiasts could check out or join the streetball dunk contest, freerunning tournament or a special Art Run along the murals. And in the weeks leading up to the festival, Belgian Jaune and Pol Cosmo blessed the RET subway stations Eendrachtsplein and Marconiplein with their work.

Photo: Annie Tram

Soon you’ll be able to relive the magic through our aftermovie en photo reports, but we’re gonna catch up on some much-needed sleeping hours now. A big thank you to all artists, partners and volunteers that helped make POW! WOW! Rotterdam such a succes, and to everyone that visited. We hope to see you all again next year!

Photo: Annie Tram

‘Was awesome. Line up was the bomb.’
-Ninny Duarte Lopes/FB

‘This streetart festival really inspired my son (7). It was a real fun event, we had a lovely time. Please do come back next year!’
-Natascha Rijk/FB

‘I sure hope to see this festival again next year, I enjoyed it very much.’
-Yvonne Comijs/FB

Coely out, Fresku & Mocromaniac in!


Unfortunately, we are sorry to announce that Coely had to cancel her performance at POW! WOW! Rotterdam, because of illness. We were very much looking forward to her headline performance, but she is experiencing severe headaches and dizziness after a little accident with an overenthusiastic N*E*R*D fan at another festival. With some last minute luck, we have a great replacement act: Fresku & Mocromaniac! Of course, we’d like to say ‘get well soon’ to Coely on behalf of our entire team.


Last-minute changes and practical information

Time table and festival map

We got some last minute changes in our line-up, and also in our time table. So we’d suggest to check the latest version on this website. There is a map with all the murals available too, so you can check the locations of all the beautiful art yourself.

Click to download
Click to download or enlarge

Plan your route to the festival

Public transport
We recommend our visitors to travel by public transport, since the POW! WOW! festival grounds is located near subway station Marconiplein. When you travel by tram, bus or subway this is your stop. From Rotterdam Centraal Station, Rotterdam’s main train station, you can travel very easy to this stop. Take subway line D to Beurs (only two stops) and transfer to line A, B or C (to Schiedam or De Akkers). The fifth stop will be Marconiplein. From there, all our festivities are within walking distance. Plan your trip via the 9292 website, which gives you the most accurate info on public transport in the Netherlands.

When you decide to arrive by car, you can park in the Bigshops parking garage opposite our festival site. The adress is Vierhavenstraat 77. Keep in mind: you can only go out till 8:30 PM (saturday) or 6:30 PM (sunday). There are also some limited parking spots outside.

When you’re a local, we’d suggest you come by bike, so you can participate in our special bike tour. We also got a limited amount of rental bikes available on first come, first served base.

Hopefully, we’ll meet at POW! WOW! Rotterdam this weekend!

Presenting the POW! WOW! Food Court!

When you’re zooming past the beautiful murals and take part in the various activities POW! WOW! Rotterdam offers, it’s no surprise you can get a bit thirsty or hungry. To take care of that, we’ve assembled a food court that’ll leave you licking your fingertips. These culinary troopers gladly present themselves to you below!


We’re Foodtruckers, but coffee roasters above all. As Ketelbinkie Koffie, we import, roast, package and sell coffee, and prepare it on location with our team of 20 baristas. Our artisanal approach to coffee takes center stage, with the goal of bringing a smile to your face. Aside from our warm beverages, we also offer ice coffee made according to our own recipe; a huge hit during warm days! We also bake fresh stroopwafels, waffles, brownies and an assortment of cookies.

Wood Pizza & Grill

Wood Pizza & Grill makes hand-tossed, wood-oven pizzas and classic American style BBQ dishes on our charcoal grill, served from trucks and trailers. At POW! WOW!, we’ll be serving you pizza from our newest pizza trailer. Buon appetito!

Bubu Crêpes

Our company started uit of love for crêpes and our dog Bubu (an English bulldog). In 2012 we baked our first crêpes at a market fair in Leiden. Because they’re so yummy, we’ve grown more popular, bigger and beautiful each passing year. As of 2017, we’ve converted two Citroën HY models from 1952 and 1956 and a Piaggio from 1980 as food trucks. Thanks to our heavenly crêpes and gorgeous trucks, we’ve won the European Street Food Awards last year!

Sawasdee Thai

After more than eight years experience in Thai restaurants all over Rotterdam, we started serving authentic Thai food from our food truck. We’re traveling to festivals everywhere in The Netherlands, and reached the top 10 of 24 Kitchen’s Best Foodtruck Awards 2018!

Brouwerij Noordt

The beers of Brouwerij Noordt have a recognizable style. Easily drinkable, but not without outspoken flavors, and with a great profile that lets the main ingredients speak. We don’t go overboard with herbs and special additions, but never scare from experimenting either.
At POW! WOW! Rotterdam we serve the Noordtsingle; a full-bodied beer with fresh tones of lime zest and malts. A great way to quench your thirst! Aside from that, we’ll offer our special Zomberbier (Summer beer), which promises to be a great addition to the weekend’s sunny vibes!

Both beers are exclusively available at the bar in the HAKA building where the PART1 exhibit can be visited, right next to the main festival area at the Keilewerf.

The Rewriters app now includes all festival mural locations!

The Rewriters010 app, which is your own digital tour guide for street art all over Rotterdam, has just been updated with all locations of the murals that are being created for the festival right now! It includes additional information about the creators and leads you on a walk or bike trip featuring all the murals. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Don’t want the app? You can also take a look at the festival locations on our site right now.

‘I AM EELCO’ Cancellation

With regret, we are forced to announce the cancellation of I AM EELCO’s participation in POW! WOW! Rotterdam.

I AM EELCO was, like the other mural artists, notified of which wall he would be painting on back in July, and decided to have a look at it last Friday. In his opinion the wall was unfit for his art, and he refused to paint it. With only days to go until the festival, this was a heavy organizational setback to us, but seeing how he is an immensely talented artist, we were keen to keep him on board.

Unfortunately, Eelco refused to discuss anything further with us, without a guarantee from us that we would offer him a different wall to paint on. It was simply not feasible to give him this guarantee on such short notice. With only a few more days to go, it left us no choice but to assign a different artist to the wall he had refused to paint.

Much to our surprise, Eelco has an entirely different recollection of these events, as evidenced by his recent comments on social media. We do not recognize the course of events he describes and obviously can no longer offer him an alternative spot on our festival, but wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Belgian street artists spruce up subway stations in run-up to POW! WOW! Rotterdam

On September 15 and 16, POW! WOW! Rotterdam will liven up the port city with art, but in the run-up to the free festival, new art will already be created. Two renowned Belgian street artists will create artwork in the bowels of the city between August 27 and September 1, at two of its subway stations.

With small art interventions, the Brussels street artist Jaune, and Pol Cosmo from Ghent, will spruce up subway stations Eendrachtsplein and Marconiplein. Jaune is known for his stencils of workers like garbagemen and street sweepers, while Pol Cosmo often depicts insects in his mural illustrations.

Photo by Ferdinand ‘Ferre’ Feys

In the run-up to free festival POW! WOW! Rotterdam, which along with street art, also offers a music and sports program, Rewriters010 and Rotterdam transit authority RET collaborate to promote street art. Their partnership goes back to 2016, when Rewriters010 won both the jury and audience award at the RET’s Aardig Onderweg Awards, for their encouragement of street art in Rotterdam. Part of the award was a trip to the Hawaiian edition of the POW! WOW! festival, where the idea and necessary relationships to organize a Rotterdam edition of the festival would soon be formed. The result can soon be experienced at the Keilewerf the Merwe-Vierhaven area, where the first European edition of POW! WOW! will be held.A location that, not coincidentally, can easily be reached through the subway stations the aformentioned artists will be working at.

If you want to catch these Belgian street artists at work, you can spot them each day from August 27 to September 1 at 19:00h, at Rotterdam subway stations Eendrachtsplein and Marconiplein.

The full line-up of artists and musicians at POW! WOW! Rotterdam be found here. The Facebook-event can be found here.